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Dykes – R – Docs

A man I know, once called me a DYKE for desiring some Doc Martins. To spite him, I obliged him and Not only bought my boots, but found a sweet little V to kiss upon as he suggested. Yo man! She says ‘thanks’!   *discrimination is dangerous and stereotypes are often silly… 

Happiness Train

I love NYC for many reasons. One of them happens to be its Subway performers. Another happens to be the helping hand that she always gives me when I really need it. The link below this poem illustrates what she gave me today, because I needed it most: A sad girl walks onto a train … Continue reading

How do you eat clean when traveling? How do you stay “bulletproof” when shit hits the fan? It’s not easy; just takes a little effort. I wrote about it… Bio-Jacked: On the Road

Dumb Blonde You Say? I Call Bullshit!

In the last several months I’ve had the following sentiment relayed to me at the bottom of a tall glass of vino… Says the author, “You know Jackee, you’re a lot smarter than what I thought. Your blonde hair and colored eyes had me expecting something different…” Every now and again a version of that … Continue reading

The Wood Allen

A sound of music playing in a quiet café. On a forgotten street in BK. A saxophone playing; Not elevator-style but a little ‘Woody Allen’. Fear is knocking at my back door. Even after that warm smile and a flirty-friendly cup’o Joe. Change approaching train, And me as I try to listen… Trying to glisten … Continue reading

BIO-JACKED (click here) A look at a bio-hacking novice (that’s me) and my first thoughts since the obsession began. To be continued…