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As it pertains to LookSeeLondon (LSL)…

In 2012 I moved from Houston, Texas to London, England. LookSeeLondon is a reflection of everything that has happened since.  LSL is first and foremost a personal exercise in writing (because I love it) and editing (because I aim to be good at it). I also have high hopes that she will be informative, thoughtful and (if I’m lucky) at times, entertaining. Perhaps not the most focused blog, but like everything else in life, I am (happily) a work in progress. Otherwise, what’s the point?

UPDATE: It’s now fall, 2013 and I’ve moved back from London to the US. I’m currently in Brooklyn, NY. Floating… waiting for my next move. Regardless of what its name suggests, I’ll still use this blog to publish my writing and point to my writing that is published elsewhere. I love the name “LookSeeLondon,” after all. The blog is still a bit un-focused, but just think of it as a sock drawer: all the same things just different shapes and sizes. 

Much, much love.

4 Responses to “LSL Author”
  1. golliath1 says:

    Steel death too close for some, yet distant and fleeting for others.

  2. golliath1 says:

    You should be published, your insight and words evoke passion, enlighten the senses, and emotion.

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