A Glimpse into Surface, an Exhibition

Where I’m from, corporations and contemporary art don’t usually mix. London however, does a decent job at exhibiting original and contemporary art works within her commercial spaces. The pairing makes sense after all: art is to commerce as fire is to wood – so to speak. Chelsea Futurspace marries art and commerce quite intentionally. Collaborating with … Continue reading

A Poet and a One Man Band

The night I found out was beautiful. An irony I won’t forget as I learn to miss you. But do you miss me? I’m afraid I’ll never know… Hope being more attractive than the truth, So I’ll keep her close to me for now.   Closeness… Something you were never very good at. A spoiled … Continue reading

Revolver: Part 3

Jabba the Hut, Spinning Mannequins and Cement…    Take a look at my most recent gallery review – would ya? Matt’s Gallery – Revolver: Part 3

Does Amiri Baraka Hate White People?

Does American, writer, musician, activist and poet, Amiri Baraka hate white people? In 2007 I reluctantly stumbled to a free poetry event at Houston’s Miller Outdoor Theatre. I went there for University credit, but I’d like to think that I gained a lot more. I don’t remember any of the poets except for the legendary … Continue reading

Love in L.A.

An article on art, obsession and inspiration. Check it out!