How do you eat clean when traveling? How do you stay “bulletproof” when shit hits the fan? It’s not easy; just takes a little effort. I wrote about it… Bio-Jacked: On the Road

BIO-JACKED (click here) A look at a bio-hacking novice (that’s me) and my first thoughts since the obsession began. To be continued…

Chai Tea is a Fine Tea

I’m certainly no cook (per say), but I am fascinated by food and especially how it affects our bodily and mental health. Like a lot of the world, London is bloody cold in the winter. And what’s better than a nice hot mug of Masala chai on a hellishly chilling day? It’s true, chai has been … Continue reading

A New Kind of Apple Juice

Like many Americans, I’ve suffered from a certain kind of sugar addiction since I was a young lady. In fact, when I was very young, tossing back an entire box of Fruit Roll-Ups or Fruity Pebbles (in one day) was not out of the ordinary. I was lucky to have had a fast metabolism back then, but … Continue reading

An Offering to the Gods: Totally Choc Choc Chip Cookies

Even Americans know of the Goddess Nigella Lawson. I know her as being beautifully robust, feminine, unapologetically sexy; simply amazing. I don’t typically bake, because the type of things you bake, just aren’t allowed in my kitchen. But every now and then and on a full moon, an occasion will come along that is special enough to make a sacrifice. Today was that day, because I have new neighbors. I also have a dog and I plan on hosting a bash or two…or three…

So as one does, I baked cookies for my new neighbors; a sort of offering. Nigella’s, Totally Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies to be exact. And they’re awesome, just like her bodacious curves. You must try them…and add some instant coffee – like I did!

Let Them Eat Bacon!

Part I – We all know how the west was won…before the west was won. Wait, huh? You know, three Spanish ladies carried over in their bellies, religious freedom, funny accents and weird shoes. Making way for bayonets, a guy named Paul, his horse and a Day of Thanks to celebrate.  Have you not heard, … Continue reading