Dykes – R – Docs

A man I know, once called me a DYKE for desiring some Doc Martins. To spite him, I obliged him and Not only bought my boots, but found a sweet little V to kiss upon as he suggested. Yo man! She says ‘thanks’!   *discrimination is dangerous and stereotypes are often silly… 


Death. Irony. Life.

I become more comfortable with the idea of death, the more I live a life – that I consider to be – worth dying for. Funny how that works. – J

A Glimpse into Surface, an Exhibition

Where I’m from, corporations and contemporary art don’t usually mix. London however, does a decent job at exhibiting original and contemporary art works within her commercial spaces. The pairing makes sense after all: art is to commerce as fire is to wood – so to speak. Chelsea Futurspace marries art and commerce quite intentionally. Collaborating with … Continue reading

London Real TV talks to war veteran Jake Wood. It’s a good thing. Watch it! http://bit.ly/X5ERT6

Chai Tea is a Fine Tea

I’m certainly no cook (per say), but I am fascinated by food and especially how it affects our bodily and mental health. Like a lot of the world, London is bloody cold in the winter. And what’s better than a nice hot mug of Masala chai on a hellishly chilling day? It’s true, chai has been … Continue reading