A Poet and a One Man Band

The night I found out was beautiful. An irony I won’t forget as I learn to miss you. But do you miss me? I’m afraid I’ll never know… Hope being more attractive than the truth, So I’ll keep her close to me for now.   Closeness… Something you were never very good at. A spoiled … Continue reading

Room With A View

Room With A View

Transport me happy.

Haiku Highway


Morning Breeze, Kissing Sun Spots Window Is Open Dreams Make Way…Reality                     Punishing Sun Burn Yourself Cold Again Frost Bitten Love Sleeping Bear Awake Clumsy Day. A Drifter. Cuddle Me Freedom Fear of Steel Final Moments To Death Make Me Whole A traditional Haiku is many … Continue reading

Let Them Eat Bacon!

Part I – We all know how the west was won…before the west was won. Wait, huh? You know, three Spanish ladies carried over in their bellies, religious freedom, funny accents and weird shoes. Making way for bayonets, a guy named Paul, his horse and a Day of Thanks to celebrate.  Have you not heard, … Continue reading