Happiness Train

I love NYC for many reasons. One of them happens to be its Subway performers. Another happens to be the helping hand that she always gives me when I really need it. The link below this poem illustrates what she gave me today, because I needed it most: A sad girl walks onto a train … Continue reading

Does Amiri Baraka Hate White People?

Does American, writer, musician, activist and poet, Amiri Baraka hate white people? In 2007 I reluctantly stumbled to a free poetry event at Houston’s Miller Outdoor Theatre. I went there for University credit, but I’d like to think that I gained a lot more. I don’t remember any of the poets except for the legendary … Continue reading

Love in L.A.

An article on art, obsession and inspiration. Check it out! 

Moon Pie


Goodbye Moon   A foot off the ground until you’re home again,   Or so they say.   Your boots are heavy though   Leaving  chunky footprints on our hearts.   For you journeyed far on planets of ambition,   And flagged the way for your brothers.      A custodian of adventure, in a … Continue reading

Starting Gun

Week 1 – Settling in nicely I think. Currently in Weybridge – moving closer to London in the next few months. Weybridge is a borough of London –  much like Katy is to Houston give or take 400 years of occupation. It’s a quintessential English town (I think), filled with ubiquitous amounts of new mums, … Continue reading

Via con dios – good luck.

Goodbye Houston – The two weeks leading up to our departure were the hardest, and this surprised me in every way. I suppose that I’m much greater at avoidance than I had originally thought. I experienced my first “panic attack” about a week and a half out from leaving. It was also my first 911 … Continue reading