For the Love of Clown!

Clown nose fodder. Make me holler! Round and round, Up and down, Kiss my frown into a smile. Oh baby, you’ve got style! It’s why they all want you – for now. – J

Death. Irony. Life.

I become more comfortable with the idea of death, the more I live a life – that I consider to be – worth dying for. Funny how that works. – J

Victoria Blister

meet  me in Victoria where i will grab ahold’a ya, and kiss you till good-morning. good stories we’ll tell we’ve built them up well, “i  miss you,” can’t resist you, dirty rotten scoundrel fuck. … in a Cabin one day on your lips I will play, a love song sweetly whispered. … you never can stay it’s fun in that … Continue reading

Please Mind the Gap

Drunk smiles Smiles, the drink. Makes you think? Nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey, GOODNITE. In too deep to sleep. … Till tomorrow when it will all reek of stink… Into the place you call home, again. Empty train car. Empty heart. … Sleep makes saints out of sinners. JDKHINTZ

A Glimpse into Surface, an Exhibition

Where I’m from, corporations and contemporary art don’t usually mix. London however, does a decent job at exhibiting original and contemporary art works within her commercial spaces. The pairing makes sense after all: art is to commerce as fire is to wood – so to speak. Chelsea Futurspace marries art and commerce quite intentionally. Collaborating with … Continue reading