Terminally Ill

I was inspired to write the following poem during an unfortunately-eventful visit to a Houston, Texas airport. Three things to know about this day: I was severely depressed, I’m terrified of dying in an airplane, a man collapses into a stroke, on the floor of Terminal D… On their way to die. On their way to … Continue reading

How Important is Structure to You?


The bloom is off the rose a bit. Which I suppose is appropriate since certain hemispherical tilts are currently on the brink of autumn.  My falling leaves are of course, metaphorical, but I’d like to think that they still smell of wonderful decay and crunch under your shoes as you walk along the riverbed. Man … Continue reading

Via con dios – good luck.

Goodbye Houston – The two weeks leading up to our departure were the hardest, and this surprised me in every way. I suppose that I’m much greater at avoidance than I had originally thought. I experienced my first “panic attack” about a week and a half out from leaving. It was also my first 911 … Continue reading