Happiness Train

I love NYC for many reasons. One of them happens to be its Subway performers. Another happens to be the helping hand that she always gives me when I really need it. The link below this poem illustrates what she gave me today, because I needed it most: A sad girl walks onto a train … Continue reading

The Wood Allen

A sound of music playing in a quiet café. On a forgotten street in BK. A saxophone playing; Not elevator-style but a little ‘Woody Allen’. Fear is knocking at my back door. Even after that warm smile and a flirty-friendly cup’o Joe. Change approaching train, And me as I try to listen… Trying to glisten … Continue reading

Victoria Blister

meet  me in Victoria where i will grab ahold’a ya, and kiss you till good-morning. good stories we’ll tell we’ve built them up well, “i  miss you,” can’t resist you, dirty rotten scoundrel fuck. … in a Cabin one day on your lips I will play, a love song sweetly whispered. … you never can stay it’s fun in that … Continue reading

Please Mind the Gap

Drunk smiles Smiles, the drink. Makes you think? Nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey, GOODNITE. In too deep to sleep. … Till tomorrow when it will all reek of stink… Into the place you call home, again. Empty train car. Empty heart. … Sleep makes saints out of sinners. JDKHINTZ

Giddy Girls Dying

Giddy girls on a train, and no one’s happy. Taking trips on a plane, and no one’s happy. Making love in the rain; wearing lipstick in vain, and no one’s happy. Where do we go from here? Back and forth and round and round, Big hearts beating black and broken down. Can you hear that … Continue reading

Does Amiri Baraka Hate White People?

Does American, writer, musician, activist and poet, Amiri Baraka hate white people? In 2007 I reluctantly stumbled to a free poetry event at Houston’s Miller Outdoor Theatre. I went there for University credit, but I’d like to think that I gained a lot more. I don’t remember any of the poets except for the legendary … Continue reading