Dumb Blonde You Say? I Call Bullshit!

In the last several months I’ve had the following sentiment relayed to me at the bottom of a tall glass of vino… Says the author, “You know Jackee, you’re a lot smarter than what I thought. Your blonde hair and colored eyes had me expecting something different…” Every now and again a version of that … Continue reading

Giddy Girls Dying

Giddy girls on a train, and no one’s happy. Taking trips on a plane, and no one’s happy. Making love in the rain; wearing lipstick in vain, and no one’s happy. Where do we go from here? Back and forth and round and round, Big hearts beating black and broken down. Can you hear that … Continue reading

How Important is Structure to You?


The bloom is off the rose a bit. Which I suppose is appropriate since certain hemispherical tilts are currently on the brink of autumn.  My falling leaves are of course, metaphorical, but I’d like to think that they still smell of wonderful decay and crunch under your shoes as you walk along the riverbed. Man … Continue reading